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What's New ( 30 Oct 2016 - Yes - An Update!! )

  This is a view out the back of our new home we call 'Treetops'. We ain't saying where it is located, but it's close to the water. We're happy here, don't miss living in a boat. As Graham Nash once wrote (circa 1970) 'Our house is a very very very fine house , with two cats in the yard, life used to be so hard...Now everything is easy 'cause of you! Living and traveling on Amante was a grand exciting and sometimes tumultuous  ride, but we like our current sedentary lifestyle.


       No we still haven't filled in Cambodia or China. But now that we are luxuriating in a stationary abode, we will get to those far away places once again, via photo's and reminiscence.

     This site was originally intended to answer the perennial question from friends and loved ones, "So, what have you been doing lately?" (they ask anyway). It sort of just grew from a few simple pictures of what for many are "faraway places" to a major pile o' files, which we are now trying to organize into a more useful and attractive travel narrative. It also helps us to remember just where in the hell we've been.   



Dear Reader,

"Amante" is Spanish and can mean sweetheart or mistress. The mistress in this case is mature but experienced in sea-worldly ways, a 1977 Morgan Out Island 51. Like most mature mistresses, she is a high-maintenance and sometimes demanding broad.

  The crew is experienced but thankfully not very mature. The intrepid Captain is John Williams, a semi-retired geophysicist: The Admiral is Vera Williams, who now applies her nursing skills full time to the Captain, who really needs help, badly.

  Contact Us. But please be patient as we we're not always on-line. We do appreciate people just saying "hi", but please don't expect a reply unless you specifically request one. 

Here we see the Captain, showing his age; the helpful Admiral/Nurse; and the Mom, who keeps the crew supplied

  Update: My wonderful mom passed away at the end of August; she was almost 93


  Amante started its voyage from Corpus Christi in December, 2002. It was a disaster. After getting 100nm offshore she limped back to Corpus needing lots of repair. In the second attempt she barely made it to Key West, but she did make it. The rest is ongoing history.

    We hope this website appeals to a diverse audience. It was intended initially for friends & family, most of whom think port is a kind of wine and knot is just what you tie. It is hoped that it will also prove useful to our sailing friends who may plan to visit a lot of these spots in the future and would like to know stuff like whether you can buy fuel in the Galapagos (yes, and it's cheap),  whether you can stay 3 months in French Polynesia (yes, and it's not!), etc. The style has drifted, we'll keep working on it.

   While writing copy for this we did a lot of google searches for proper names, and in the process found that everybody's sea dog has a sailing web site. Many are more polished than this humble effort and we advise those interested to seek more info, given the many keywords you will find herein.

 If you got this far and haven't seen anything, start at the beginning.



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